Текст песни: Bring Me Flowers

Bring Me Flowers
  • Альбом: Pale
  • Год выпуска: 1999

Bring Me Flowers

Bring me flowers in the night
Lay your cheek down by my side
Leave my lovers full of need
And my brothers full of greed

Hush now, slowly come inside
Feel your neck glow, it’s alright
See me sunk here in too deep
Bring me flowers when I sleep

Caressing hands, warm like sun
I feel your breath inside my lungs
Smile peacefully and take
My hands on your face, I won’t awake

Are you here for a final goodbye?
Did your soul fall or fly?

Love disguising fluid within
Your warm teardrops on my skin
All my lovers disappeared
And the others were never here

I drank the ashes of desire
Brought about and lost it all
Gloomy chamber fading light
Bring me flowers in the night

All your mercy is not melting with mine
Did your soul fall or fly?

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