Текст песни: Said But True

Said But True
  • Альбом: Pale
  • Год выпуска: 1999

Said But True

And if you offer everything you have
I still want more
Face and body lacking relevance
I still get bored

Cleft in frozen lakes I’m sailing on
Ancient scar
Try to reach me way too short your chains
Bound as you are

What an honest kind of lie
To the final answer I dare to ask you for

You took me this far
You made me need to change

Could you ever think I’d give
Attention to the true effect of your words
Of your disease

Uninfected I remain
Insensible immune and deaf
Untouchable like clouds

You took me this far
You made me need to change
You took me this far
I never will return

Сказано, но факт

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