Текст песни: Monochrome



monochrome reflections
climbing up the walls
down below your radar
things are going on

all along the tunnels
through the underground
we prepare for leaving
waiting for the moon

beats above your highness
coded to be safe
round and round in circles
we are coming out

dance away the meters
through the muddy waters
we are submariners
close to foreign shores

pride in sleepy hollows
doesn’t make us happy
we are modern prophets
amplified by you

scientific networks
spies behind the curtain
we defend the future and
give it back to you

break the loop of habit
time for your return
back among the living
welcome and goodbye

birds in little cages
all believe in freedom
we provide solutions
for a better living

we command the system
calling all receivers
we are noisy people
for a better living


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