Текст песни: Everything I Need

Everything I Need

Everything I Need

Embracing the wrong
We’ve waited too long
My hands are reaching out
And catch at a straw
No hope, no harm
But heavens to miss

There’s more to life than
Getting and having
We tend to be complacent and cruel

She’s everything I need

Contentment took the place
Where sadness had it’s home
Shes all I ever had
I’m begging for more
I know she treats me right

Don’t they say that time is a healer
Things expected least become true

She’s everything I need

All the games you like to play
Let me forget, lead me astray
Now there is a place to be
He reserved for you

Fill me with desire and
Take me higher
My souls on fire
Fill me with desire

She’s everything I need

Fill me with desire
Keep a tighter rein on me
As you touch me tenderly

Все, что мне нужно

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