Lowe Stories

Lowe Stories

Let’s go a bit back in time. The video for the second LOWE’s single «Ahead of Our Time» was shot at the Royal Swedish Opera. And you were the first band that was permitted to record a video there. How did you manage to do this?

Leo: I used to have a girl. She works at the opera. I saw a few balleys. I really liked the enviroment, it’s really beautiful. And then I just thought: Hmm, this would feed our music. And then it was a lot of writing to admimistration. And we basically made it sound like their idea. It was very tight-planning.
Rickard: We gonna have like film every in the opera except for the main stage. Then we got a time, we had to wait for our time because they were practising, having balleys and plays all the time. We finnaly got a time. Six or seven o’clock in the morning. We could shoot for one hour tops. Getting ready, getting make-up, and when everything was set-up. 6 o’clockWe got on the stage, we started filming and when it was 7 we had to go down and stop.

About videos. Shooting which video did you enjoy the most? Do you have a favourite one?

Leo: It’s also hard work basically.
Mehdi: I like «Hear Me Out». Cause there were so many people were involved in the whole process. It was a lot of fun. We shot three days for «Hear Me Out».
Rickard: Early in the morning and all night. Then we stopped for a couple of hours and then we continued shooting. And one of the tapes got stolen and we had to reshoot a lot of stuff. We had a lot of models, friends, family involved.

Do you conside rvideos as a transmittion of some special hidden senses or some additional communication with your fans?

Mehdi: The videos also tell the stories. Not neccessary the same story as the lyrics in the song. It has its own story «Hear Me Out», the video has its own story but the lyrics has something else. And that’s basically. Except «A 1000 Miles» maybe. We don’t really have that kind of story.
Rickard: But all other videos really have the stories.
Mehdi: «Hear Me Out» is a story based on Leo’s love.

You released five singles and shot four videos for the «Tenant» album. Is it possible to expect the same activity at «Kino International»?

Leo: Sure. All the songs on this album may be singles.
Rickard: It’s an amazing album.

Is it as great as was «Tenant»?

Rickard: I think this one is even, of course, it’s much better than Tennat. On «Tenant» we have certain favourites and there are some failures on «Tenant». But this one. it’s like a package.
Mehdi: We had about 30 songs, we were discussing and listening trying to write down the set-list, the track-list for «Kino International». It’s really hard. Finally we agreed to 10 songs. It’s a short album, it’s 10 songs, but the songs are quite long It’s about 50 minutes.
Leo: And no failures.
Mehdi: No failures. All the songs are good, great songs.

Almost in each inretview you told that you found The Record lable «Megahype». Which part takes each member of the band in the work of the label?

Leo: I decide everything. (laughs)
Rickard: We work with the label, but we have more people involved in the label. We all do different things.
Mehdi: He does the most of the things, because he is always there.
Leo: I’m managing and directing at the same. Richard is more like the creative director. Mehdi is just production.
Mehdi: technical stuff.
Leo: It’s like all kinds of stuff. And we have some other people working with different.
Rickard: The idea from the beginning was that «Megahype» was supposed to realease, work with music and the bands that we like. «Lowe» was supposed to be on «Megahype» from the beginning actually. And then the biggest swedish radio chanel wanted to play «The Vanishing» the first song. And we had to have it as a single and put it out from «Megahype». That’s how it all started. We only work with people that we know, like friends. Our drummer Sebastian Aberg is from the band called «Rezonance», that on the left.

Do you work personally with other «Megahype» artists, for example as «Rupesh Cartel», «June Six», «Rezonance», «The Mobile Homes»?

Leo: Yes, we do. We are involved as much as they want us to be. And «The Mobile Homes» we started recording new songs.
Mehdi: The Megahype Record is very much like Mute Records was from 78 to 83. Based on hand shakes. We have a far process. If we like something, we talk with the guys, become friends and we decide what to do, together. So we are not a traditional record label, not at all.

What does mean for you to be generally recognized — to win an award like SAMA awards, your album to become multiplatinum, to play real big live gigs or something else?

Leo: It’s important of course. Because when we won this SAMA awards it was like a proof for us that there is something we are really good at and there was a lot of people voting. And we play to a large audience, it’s because other people want to see us live. It’s all something we need. Want to win more prizes. But it’s not why we do it.

Claes is still being your manager and some kind of technician. Is it possible for you to say that you are free from all managerial, organizational matters and involned only in the process of creating music?

Rickard: Yes, sort of. Megahype is the main label for «Lowe». And there we can do anything we want. When we realease records music in Poland or in Russia than we talk with the labels there and discuss things. We realeased «Simplicity» as a single in Scandinavia, our Polish label released «My Song» as well.

So are you involved in organizational matters?

Mehdi: «Simplicity» we didn’t choose that single. It was the fans, they voted on the site. Which LOWE track should be a single. And «Simplicity» won.
Rickard: It was a bit hard for us. This are like «The Vanishing», «Ahead Of Our Time», «Hear Me Out», there were obvious singles. While the rest was like we didn’t know what people wanted to hear.

Excuse me, for my question, but have you ever been compared to «Depeche Mode»? What do you think about this?

Leo: Who-o-o?
They are of course great. When it comes to r’n’b or hip-hop. There are so many artists sound almost the same.nobody says this sonds like this, or this sound like this. And in this music style as long as you use synthesizer and write melodious songs. Oh, it’s Depeche Mode. It’s a little unfair. But they are great, but they should retire.
Mehdi: Either they should retire or take Alan Wilder back. They should be our support band in 10 years.

Guys, you are so handsome and make-up really suits you. Do you put it on by yourselves or do you have stylists?

Mehdi: No, we do it ourselves. And this time. When we are on tour. But for big shows we have stylists. We’ve gone for a quick course how to paint ourselves on tour.
Rickard: I’m terrible at nail polish.

But now it looks nice.

Rickard: No, it’s awful. But it’s good, cause when you are on tour you get very dirty. When it’s black you can’t see it.

What is the most funny and amusing rumour that you’ve ever heard about the band or you personally?

Mehdi: Everybody thinks just because we are swedish we live together.
Leo: Swedish family.
Rickard: Shwedskaya semya (in russian).
Leo: But how can they know? We’ve never told it. We’ve heard a lot.But what else. It’s hard toremember.
Mehdi: Mostly it’s in the East. They think we are gays, we live together, we share girlfriends.
Leo: It’s all true. But how could they know? But how could they know?

Lowe and Tennant, these are surnames of the members of «Pet Shop Boys»? How is it connected with the names of your band and your debut album?

All together laugh

Leo: Oh, it’s true. Pet Shop who? It’s a little joke.
Mehdi: We have a bit thing going on, incuding «Pet Shop Boys». We can’t talk about it right now. It’s a rumour.
Leo: Basically, «Pet Shop Boys» are living with us now.

On the portal synthez.net it was a competition and the prize was your single «Simplcity». May you sign it for the girl who won it?

All together: Yes, sure!
Rickard: Do you have money? It costs. (All together laugh)

Well, I bought from Claes when you were in Minsk.

Thank you so much for the interview. It was a great pleasure to talk to you. Have a great perfomance!

Rickard: Yeah, see you after the show.

If quys were not supposed to perform in a half hour, the interview seemed to continue for hours. It was that much pleasant to talk to swedish musicians. We had our photos taken, sayed goodbye, and I started gathering my simple equipment to the promises to see each other after the show. The whole concert is ahead, it’s fabulous!


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