Lowe Stories

Lowe Stories

In spite of obviously successful debut album, «Lowe» is still giving interviews gladly, communicating and playing tricks on others and themselves.

This time «Lowe» came to Moscow directly before the concert, that’s why we were having a conversation in the dressing room to the soundtrack of the support band «Haloed Ghost». The atmosphere was completely inofficial and friendly.

Hello, guys!

All together: Hello!

At first I would like to thank you for your really great «Tenant», the debut one and for sure a great new single «A 1000 Miles». So talking about «A 1000 Miles». What does the song lyrically deal with?

Leo: All kinds of stuff. It’s like...
Mehdi: ...jealousy.
Rickard: Yes, jealousy, just because you think that your like lover or your partner is doing something that you think you’ve been doing yourself. It goes both ways.
Leo: It’s about sin.

Your outcoming album is called «Kino International». Maybe, there were some films that exactly inspired you? Or was it a russian band «Kino»?

Rickard: I like «Kino» actually. But it’s not because of that. I think it was when we played with «Statemachine». We played in Berlin. It was the last show we did in Germany with «Statemachine». Do you know «Statemachine»?

Yes, for sure. I know.

Rickard: And it was a cinema in Eastern Berlin, old communist cinema called «Kino International». Really beautiful. The «Lowe» music is very inspired by movies. It has a cinematic mean to it. I mean, we have been thinking about it for a very long time. The name of the album has been decided for really long time ago.

Yes, I remember, you even told it to Rusya, when you were in Belarus. Remember her?

All together: Yeah.

There is a pretty long period between two albums, 4 years. Why it happened so? Are you really standing for perfection?

Leo: It’s because we’ve been out playing a lot of with our first album. It was licensed to different companies, so we were promoting that album quite long We’ve been working on the new album 2 years: writing new songs, producing. That’s why is it. It’s not that we haven been lazy. A lot of different stuff has been happening in our lives. Hopefully, next album will come out in 2 years.

But even 2 years it’s a long period, working on the album.

Leo: Yes, it is. But it has to be good.

I really believe you. I really liked «A 1000 Miles».
When things are heading toward creating songs, what comes first music or lyrics?

Mehdi: Often music first.Most of the tracks on the album.
Leo: Mostly, it’s a feeling I get, that I get a story and I write the melody and the lyrics and music at the same time.

So, you like to tell the stories in your songs?

Leo: Yes.
Rickard: All the songs have stories

Leo, do you have some kind of Muse?

Leo: Good question. The whole world is my muse. Friends, surround us, history, sports, movies, things happening in life — everythnig. The world is my muse.

Does it happen so, that your band is a source of your inspiration?

Leo: Yeah, we are very close together.
Rickard: The chorus for «A 1000 Miles» is actually about Mehdi.

About Mehdi? Why?

Rickard: Based on things that happened in his life.

How do you determine your style of music, if to take it more than electropop?

Leo: We have a new word for you. Pop-noir.
Rickard: The new album is a bit more harder.As well it’s a bit more electronic. It’s even got more guitars.
Mehdi: It has more variations than «Tenant». «Tenant» sounds the same baically in every song.
But this album goes so into many different directions musically. One song, for example, «Free Fall» is very electronic in the verses, in the intro and all the essential parts but in the refrain it gets almost rockish.
Rickard: It’s disco-rock.
Mehdi: Yes, disco-rock. We have another song «Never Tasted You», it’s basically «black rock».
Leo: One song was written when I was 15.

Really? Which one?

Leo: It’s called «A Room With A View».

«A Room With A View», like a Mesh’s song? They have a song «Room With A View».

Rickard: We don’t listen to «Mesh».

Well, and I listen from time to time.

Mehdi: There is one good «Mesh» song — «Little Missile». I love that.

Yes, it’s from «Who Watches Over Me». Nice album.

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