Exclusive interview with Thomas Adam (De/Vision)

Exclusive interview with Thomas Adam (De/Vision)

The show, that was tonight, it’s a part of «Electronic Set». And it’s dedicated to your anniversary, to your birthday.

Since we started working with a drummer and a guitar player there have always been some fans who hated it. They hated that fact.

Yeah, I heard something like this. That you sound live not like your fans got used to hear you on CD’s.

But on the other hand there were also people who said: «No, this is much better than before». I think most of the people they wanted us to be strictly electronic. That’s why we decided to do it.

And how many else shows are you planning during this «Electronic Set Tour»?

We’ve already had many shows. We did US, Southern and Northern America tour this year in February. This when it all started. No-no, it’s not true. It started when we were on tour with «Mesh» in England. And we will do this for the rest of the year and maybe even longer.

Just one question about «Mesh» and maybe other musicians. So, we may see Steffen on Mesh’s Live DVD «The World’s A Big Place» like he is up there in dressing room with guys from «Mesh».

Really? Was it he?

Yes, it was he. I’ve noticed it once while watching the DVD.
You had some concerts together, like a mini-alliance tour. Are in good relationships, are you friends with «Mesh», maybe with any other synthpop bands?

We know «Mesh», for example, since 1998, since that day they supported us on «Monosex» tour. Of course over the years you have met all the bands, all of them. It doesn’t matter who it is, «Melotron» or «Project Pitchfork». You respect each other, try to be friendly and nice to each other.

Let’s talk about more general things, which public likes the most :)
What was the last CD that you bought?

It’s a very long time ago since I bought my last CD. I buy DVD’s all the time. I think the last CD I bought was «Red Hot Chili Peppers».

You spend so much time making music, touring with live shows. Do you have time for any other activities except music?

I hate to say this but I’m doing karate for 20 years. I have my own karate school in Berlin, I have my students. I work with them 3 times a week, when I’m not on tour.

And when you are on tour what happens then?

I do this together with a friend. And when I’m not in Berlin, he is practicing with the students.

So is it also a big part of your life?

It’s a very big part of my life. Besides music and my free time, most of the time I’m involved in practising my karate. It doesn’t matter if I practise physically and mentally. By reading books, about philosophy and everything like that.

Is it mostly Eastern philosophy?

Yes, Zen Buddhism and things like that.

Are your tattoos connected with your karate activity in any way?

Yeah, I was always interested in Asian culture, philosophy. And that’s why I have so many dragons. I love dragons. A dragon is a symbol of strength, of power of fortune and wealth.

Do you spend a lot of time in the Internet?


And what about «My Space»?

No, Steffen is doing all the «My Space» stuff. I don’t know why, but I even hate writing e-mails. I don’t like that. I check my e-mail maybe once a month. So every time I look into my e-mail, whenever I come there. It’s almost bursting. And I think: «Oh, my God, I hate this». And I most of the stuff. I’m not a fan of this Internet culture. These chat rooms and everything. I rather go out and meet people. This is much more interesting to me than sitting in front of the computer, writing e-mails and writing statements in the forum.

Your music, as you even told, is very sad and even dark. But, Thomas, you are very positive, calm, and even pacified. What is your secret?

I don’t know I’ve been always like this. I’m always looking forward. That’s what Buddhism has taught me. Don’t look back, live right here, right now. But when it comes to music it’s much more interesting to write about the dark sides of life. When you’re happy, you don’t think too much. Because when you are happy you just enjoy life. When you’re not happy, when you are in a dark mood, all kinds of things go through your mind. And you think why you are feeling so bad. So to me it’s much more interesting to write about this kind of stuff than about happy sides. Sometimes I have to write about happy times.

Even have?

Yes, sometimes I have to. But I think the most interesting songs are about dark sides.

What are your plans according to the nearest future? May your fans expect the release of a new album, a new single, a live DVD or any compilation?

Of course a new album next year. I don’t know exactly when, but we have a plan to release an album next year. But don’t ask me which kind of musical style it will be. I really don’t know.

No, I just wanted to ask if you have any material for your new album.

Not yet. Not a single song. We have been lazy (laughs).

No, you’ve been touring a lot (smile).

Yes, doing live shows. So far we didn’t have time to write new songs, we have some ideas. But we have to wait and see what comes out.

What about the remix contest that is held now will the works of the winners be included in any compilations, like «The Best Of», «Zehn»?

At least the winner remix will be released I don’t know where or when, but it will be released. This is a nice idea. It’s great for the fans to become a part of the band in a way. We have to wait and see. I hope there will be some nice remixes.

In closing, Thomas, please, say some words to your belarusian fans including me.

Hey, thank you for supporting us all these years and for listening to «De/Vision». I hope all the fans will be satisfied with what we will release in the future (laughs). And hopefully we’ll meet one day...

In Minsk?

In Minsk, for example. Yeah.

Thank you so much for the interview and for being so patient :)

Yes, Thomas’s patience is enviable, cause it’s almost 2 AM. Inspire of an intensive day and forthcoming early waking up I feel rather positive. Maybe I adopted Thomas’s positive during the conversation.

Anyway at that moment I did want the meeting between «De/Vision» and belarusian fans to take place.

Interview by Morituri

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