Lowe: From Kostopil to Minsk

Lowe: From Kostopil to Minsk

Why have you chosen this song for the second single and what was your intention? Did you know that «Dice Roller» would be included into the album?

Leo: I think it was part of our idea of being more varied and trying more new things. Was it your or Mehdi’s idea?

Rickard: No, it was me. I dated one girl and was on my way back home. It was a really long trip on train, electrichka. I was sitting and listening to my iPod and then this song came on by Universal Poplab and I thought that it’s a really great song. Their version is good, but I felt what if «Lowe» could do this song. It could be like a duet. And also it would be really cool to do the counts, one-two-three-four-five, in different languages. I’ve always liked the fact that such bands as «Abba», «Kraftwerk», David Bowie has done lots of different versions of their songs in different languages. But it’s hard to do the whole song in another language. It would be more fun to do a piece of it.

Leo: It was another experiment that turned out well.

«Dice Roller» will be the next single and when will it come out?

Leo: At least in Ukraine. It depends on. Now we have a vocal fax, when we get home, first some sleep then we will finish that version and we will send it to the film team, they will add it to the video and when that done, they will release it.

Rickard: Hopefully before summer. For Scandinavia we have our own idea to release «Berlin Night Express». It’ve been talked, but we haven’t decided.

Will you shoot a video for «Berling Night Express» if it comes out as a single?

Leo and Rickard: Yes.

«Tenant» had a lot of different singles, 5 releases, 4 videos. How many single versions are you planning for «Kino International»?

Rickard: Ten (smiles).

Leo: At least 5. We don’t know exactly, it depends on what partners think, fans, we’re depending on fans. We shouldn’t focus on making videos, singles.

Rickard: Still we want to release the next album.

As «Lowe» you’ve been having a lot of live shows in different countries. Which concert have you remembered especially, which have you enjoyed the most?

Rickard: Recent ones that’ve been on this tour. We have classic «Lowe» shows taht we’ve done earlier like in Krakov, the last one in Minsk, Kaliningrad. But I would say Volgograd and Tver. We really liked them.

Leo: We are much better live. We feel it and we use it.

This time only for the concert in Minsk you have a live session drummer Sebastian Aberg. Why is Minsk so lucky?

Rickard: Cause it’s a beatiful town. (laughs)

Leo: Do you want a true version of a funny version? (smiles)

I want to hear a true version better. Cause you always make jokes anyway (smile).

Rickard: Sebastian supposed to be on the tour. But we had some troubles. It’s hard with travelling to Russia, Belarus is much easier to come to, it’s more west friendly.

Leo: He sorted out those things at home and then came here for the final show.

Which part of your musical activity attracts you basically: work at the studio, songwriting, live perfomance, shooting videos, promo-work?

Leo: I used to enjoy sitting and turning notes a lot. But I don’t enjoy it any more. The night when you write a new song in the studio, really turns you on. Wow! Your new baby is born. It’s really really special. At the same time sharing that baby to the audience live is special too.

Rickard: Standing on the stage and having lots of people that think the same as you do and have the same ideas, sing along. Why are we involed in so many things? We like to do everything.

Which things influenced you in the process of writing and recording «Kino Inernational»: which music, moments in your lives, events in the world?

Leo: We were nice to some people, some people were nice to us and some people died. I don’t know, a lot of things.

Rickard: The year 2006 the last tour we did in Ukraine. Terrible moments at that time, lots of ups and lots of downs. But really extreme ups and downs for all of us. And it really shows on the album. Each song has its own stigmas. Every song is also about at least two different things. They have their own personality. For myself during the recordings, at the end of the recordings I listened a lot to «Joy Division», «The Cure», «Kino», russian band, and David Bowie.

Which music were you listening to during 2008 basically? Name your TOP 5, please.

Leo: I can mention two «Nine Inch Nails» and «IAMX». I liked «Junkie XL».

Rickard: Yeah, «IAMX». I like Grace Jones new album, it’s very good. What else? «The Killers» one?

How are the things at «Megahype Records»? What are you doing right now?

Rickard: It’s very dirty (laughs). We are releasing two new albums with «Rupesh Cartel» and «The Mobile Homes». Both are really really good. They are ready now and will be released on the 15 of April.

Leo: That’s it. And then we’ve been working on tour, were writing some stuff. The first mission when we get home is just to gain energy, our personal lives and start our work. Then finish «Dice Roller» thing. And focus on some other areas, we are going to Turkey on the 15 of May. They are very interested. «A 1000 Miles» is rotating on MTV all the time right now. We are going to perform. «Universal» will probably release an album there too.

Rickard: We are going to do a mini tour in Turkey. Two cities that I know now is Istanbul and Ankara.

Leo, not so long time ago you made a video «Oh No Oh No» for Rupesh Cartel. Was it your idea with dressing up and what lyes behind it?

Leo: Yes, they were my slaves, it was real fun (smiles). They did everything. And I had that sick idea and they were so cute: «Ok».

Rickard: They were so cute like small animals.

Leo: It’s a sick video. The thing came out from my father’s home years ago. This is a little red house. It’s on the back of this house. He works with antiques, so he has a lot of different subjects. He had at least one wedding dress and some old classic dressing ... This area is 12 kilometres from my home town, wich is really nice with open spaces. The story was just a sick idea and the lyrcis is about being so close to yourself that you don’t see the other world. It’s like «The Village» idea. The movie «The Village». You believe that this is happening somewhere sometimes, just too sick people or introvert people. (laughs)

You communicate a lot with your fans on my space, maybe some other social networks. Now you becoming more popular and popular. Don’t you suffer from too much attention to your personalities from fans, journalists?

Leo: You learn not to give everything from yourself. We don’t mind meeting up fans after the show, we don’t mind talking to you, answering e-mails. It’s still fun. It’s ok when people want to take one or two pictures, but when they want to take hundred pictures and give us twenty vodkas elegantely stop them. Ater the show we’ve learnt for instance elegantly to say stop. One day it will be harder to keep our feet on the ground. We are not twenty, we know how the things work. We take everything more seriously but at the same time give it up.

Rickard: We are healthy loving, very gallant guys. We’ve had great time on this tour. It was awesome, but still a lot of troubles. It keeps everyone in a good mood.

The second time you come to Minsk and the second time without Mehdi. I’ve seen him only in Moscow. Wat has happened this time?

Leo: We are a dream team. That time he hurt his knee actually. This time it’s more of personal matter. We don’t agree with everything in his decision at all. But we understand it in some way. We feel that we are a dream team. And at the same time it’s not fair when we go out and do all the hard work and he gets the fruits. But we are still a band.

Maybe something stayed out of our conversation, but you really wanted to mention in this interview?

Rickard: We hope we can come back to Minsk soon again. The things have gone really great now on this tour. We want to come back quite soon, not wait. We played here in 2007, it’s too long I think. But on the other hand we need to be on tour to make all this happens. But we don’t speak russian so it’s a bit hard to make things going. But we know a lot of people here. So hopefully we will be back before September.

And at the end say some words to your belarussian fans.

Leo: It’s good to be back.

Rickard: How to say it? My lublu?

Do you wanna say «we love you»? «My lubim vas».

Leo&Rickard: My lubim vas!

Leo: And we hope you will continue. supporting us. That’s what push us.

Oh, it’s a real pleasure. Thanks so much for the interview. And have a great perfomance tonight!

And this show was divine! The best one I’ve ever seen by «Lowe». Hopefully band’s Eastern Europe oriented promotion will have development and continuation. Thus belarussian public will be able to enjoy «Lowe’s» concerts much more often and easily get their CDs in local shops. And I think that next time when «Lowe» will turn to Minsk they will sing «Sirens Calling».

Interview by Morituri

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